If you're looking for Mountain trails, creeks, waterfalls and lakes, Young Harris is the location for you!  Young Harris is an easy 2 hour drive from Atlanta, located in the North Georgia mountains. Named the "Enchanted Valley", it easily one of the most scenic areas in the South. Here you will find every morning run has a water fall or a mountain creek along the way.

​All morning runs will be located at nearby trails, such as Jackrabbit Mountain bike trail(NC), Fires Creek(NC), Meeks Park (Blairsville), with a graduation 5k across the Lake Chatuge Dam.

Afternoon workouts will be conducted on the campus of Young Harris College.

​This a  great location for any team looking for that special bonding experience.  Wednesday afternoon is open for coaches to take their teams out for a little time together. It's a great opportunity to maybe take in a rafting trip on the Ocoee or Nantahala Rivers, which are both easy drives from Young Harris.


Young Harris College

​          July 16 - 21