Berry has the world's largest contiguous college campus, spanning more than 27,000 acres of woodlands, meadows and streams. This creates a distance runner's paradise! Campers will be housed in the East and West Mary Dorm. A lot of our workouts will start and finish right outside the front door. These runs will be out and back on dirt access roads leading to the Mountain Campus. It's the perfect combination, being able to stay flat one day, and then move out to Mountain Campus for  a challenging run involving Hills.

Campers are split into groups based on ability, mileage or recommendations from their coach.

Morning runs are broken down into groups of 3 miles, 5-6 miles,  7-8 miles, and more than 8. Counselors and Coaches are placed with each group based on needs (pace, distance, workouts etc) all groups will have a sweeper(coach or counselors following up back of pack)

Workouts can be catered to individual needs. Please let us know early, and our coaches will be glad to come up with a workout plan for your individual needs.

Our Berry camp will offer optional pool workouts during the afternoon session, as well as Yoga, and circuit workouts.

Coaches andCounselors will be announced soon! 

Berry College

‚Äč    July 9-14